YouTube vs TikTok – A Never Ending Debate

Before discussion about what this actually is first let’s clear the we don’t support any kind of hate and we don’t want any of our viewers to spread hate towards any of these two platforms.

This beef between YouTube vs TikTok all started when a famous tiktoker by the name of “Amir Siddiqui” posted a video on his Instagram talking about some YouTube creators roasting and telling their viewers to go to their Instagram accounts and post spam comments. He also in this video talked about how all YouTuber’s uses their videos to get views and claimed TikTokers are reason why they get views.

This is where he messed up, he mentioned All YouTuber’s and this created an entirely new beef and Famous YouTuber’s like CarryMinati, Amit Bhadana, B B ki Vines talked about this matter. They we not heating him but they were furious why he said all YouTuber’s and technically all of these YouTuber’s we right, he lied about this just to get some attention.

After all of this Drama, Memers and other fans of YouTuber’s started pressuring famous Indian Roaster AKA CarryMinati to roast tiktok and Amir Siddiqui. To which he did. After some time and huge requests from fans he released a video and that video got so many views and love that it broke many Records.

His video gained over 10 Million views in a single day and over 5 Million likes and he won the hearts of everyone in Online Community. He Roasted TikTok and the Person behind all of this drama really badly and people enjoyed it.

Around May the 14th, Carry’s video got removed from YouTube and when someone opened it through the link they saw a message saying Video Violated YouTube’s Policies to which Fans were really frustrated and they started calling out the TikTokers and trolling them really badly all of the internet.

Because of all of this the whole Internet started a campaign to Ban TikTok from internet. It even went trending all over the platform and because of the hype people started Giving 1 star rating to the app and tied to get rid of it themselves. People all around the world started giving it bad rating and as a result TikTok App went as low as 1.2/5.0. As of 23rd May it’s back at 1.6 as google removed some spam reviews from the store.

This is what happened and After all of this Carry Posted a Video explaining what could have happened and People were actually sad to see him upset in the video. That video also broke many records as it is the India’s most Liked Video right now and has over 50 Million Views.


It’s not that easy to conclude any thing like that but we believe that in this situation YouTuber’s are actually on the right way. This TikTok app is spreading so much hateful videos and their guidelines are also not that perfect. We personally thing the #BanTiktok is the right step and thing to do and people should support this as well.

Muhammad Ahmed

Written by Muhammad Ahmed

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