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Why You Should Learn from your Competitors?

Competition in Online Field is Really like a siblings fighting over something that can benefit both. When you work in Online field, at the very beginning you don’t have any competitor in mind and you work really hard but when your Website or your startup starts getting traffic or generating some lead you’ll see yourself in a pool filled with competition.

They best way to compete with your competitor in any online or even physical business is to learn from them. When you are in an online field you can learn a lot from your competitors strategy.

Website Competitors.

If you are ranking an Article on any keyword and see your competitor doing the same thing but you want to still be at top what you can do is learn his strategy and study him properly. Like in any Ranking factor you should check which kind of Backlinks he’s using and how you can use them as well. Check his keyword and page Structure and this’ll give you idea how you can change your existing stuff accordingly and even improve rank.

If you are doing that already it’s the best step and i’m sure you might have seen some significant results through this.

Startups Competitions.

Now Startups is one of the most Famous thing in this current world and competition in this is also increasing. When you start a Business based on an inspiration you should not only take inspiration, you should study them as well. This will give you an idea how you can do the same in a unique way to attract people and even generate leads.

Generating Leads is the most important thing in any Startup and if you can do so by studying your competitors strategy it’s more efficient and can help you make some bucks as well as help your startup grows.


So the conclusion to all of this is to Study your Competitor and Learn from them as well. If you think this is cheating then always remember you are NOT copying them, you are just taking Inspiration.

Muhammad Ahmed

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