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WhatsApp Introduces new Room Option in it’s Latest Update

On May 11, WhatsApp Released a new update on Playstore and in which the introduced a new Feature called Rooms. This features resembles famous Video conferencing services like Zoom & Google Meet. This Update is present is the Latest 2.20.157 Version which is now Live in Playstore.

Before Updating you need to check out some Pros and Cons of this new feature and how you can get the most out of it. This New Feature is really helpful for Small business which got less then 50 Employees & don’t need that much functionality. This Pandemic platforms like Zoom got a huge boost in their ranking and millions of Companies started taking proper advantage from it. Meeting were going on this platform but due to some recent Bugs and Vulnerabilities discovered in this App, people started to loose trust in it and moved to Google Meet.

Between all of this, WhatsApp introduced this new Room feature where more then 50 People can do a small meeting through WhatsApp.

  • You can add up to 50 Participants.
  • It’s much easier then Zoom & Google Meet.
  • Easy to setup within 4 Steps.
  • It’s better Encrypted then Zoom.
  • You can Manage Rooms Easily.
  • It’s New and you can’t Rely on it properly until some new updates are introduced.
  • If you are used to Google Meet & Zoom, you’ll realize that it’s missing lot’s of important meeting features.

How to Access Room Option

You can Access this new Option by going to any Chat you want, Then go to the Attachment option right next to Text Box. Click on Room and you are good to go.

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