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Top Skills to Learn during this Pandemic

This Corona Pandemic is going to turn this world upside down. One Advantage you got because of this pandemic is free time to learn a new skill. You can spend this quality free time to learn a new worthy skill that can be seen as a career option as well.

Online Learning platforms like Udemy, SkillShare gained lot’s of viewership during this pandemic. Millions of people joined their platform to lean new a new skills. They got such a huge boost in their courses that now they are pushing Instructors to deliver more and more courses to their students.

Here we will list top skills that you can learn during this Pandemic and even after learning it can even pursue it as a career option as well.

1- Freelancing

The first and most obvious skill that you can learn is Freelancing and the reason it’s obvious is because the easiest and versatile career options now a days is Freelancing.

In Freelancing you can earn thousands of dollars if you work hard enough and learn from a proper instructors. Basically freelance job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. Freelancers are ultimately self-employed. You can start freelancing on different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and if you are a Pakistani you can even go to your own local Platform i.e WorkChest.

Just to give a small example how you can make thousands of dollars from Freelancing, Hisham Sarwar from Pakistan is the biggest Example. He is one of the most famous freelance personality in Pakistan & now after his success he is pushing the Youngsters of Pakistan to follow him a learn this precious skill.

2- Graphic Designing

The second most famous skill that will dominate this world is Graphic Designing. During this lock down you can learn this skill from any of the platforms like Udemy and learn it’s basics to at least get an idea of how this’ll work and how you can easily learn it.

In this current situation the second most profitable & precious skill is graphic designing. During this lock down many companies are looking forward to hire graphic designers from online platforms like Fiverr or even on permanent bases to fulfill their needs of a graphic designer.

Just to give you a an idea, If you are a good graphic designer and you can make a good logo you can even earn up to 100,000 after designing a single logo. It’s just an average estimate just to give you an idea.

3- Android/IOS Development

What this pandemic has tough us is that Android development has some strong Potentiate to compete any other field of interest. For Example on average basis you use over 100 Apps on daily basis and this is increasing on daily basis. Most people now a days prefer Apps over websites.

There are over 2.87 million apps only on Playstore and this shows how many people are into this. You can Always learn this from Any of the Platforms like Udemy and Skill Share. Earning through Android apps is also simple. You can Develop a useful app and later on the ways get approval from Google Admob and display add on your App and get paid on Clicks.

4- Website Development

Yes Website Development is still the most required skill online. There is an estimate that over 1.5 billion websites are there in this world operating 24/7.

You can Always get started in this by simple learning basic Website Development Languages which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Vanilla JS). You can Further learn more strong languages like Node, Python, PHP & Java to get more profession and even develop Web Applications.

If you want to stay simple and think these languages are difficult to learn, you can always choose Website Management Platform like WordPress to get you own profession website. There is an estimate over 455,000,000 website in this world still uses WordPress as their core System. Famous companies like Payoneer still uses WordPress as their core home Development software.

5- Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is also one of the most famous and profitable skill to learn. Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

You can Combine Digital Marketing with eCommerce to get the best results you can. Courses about digital marketing are also available on Udemy and Skill Share.


Conclusion is simple, Learn with you like. The best way to work online is to always do what you like. If you like websites, Learn website development. If you like Designing, go with graphic designing. You can Always choose what you like there is no limitation.

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