Top 5 Nostalgic Games

So I’m talking about the games from the 90’s. The era when no one was addicted to cell phones and people played these awesome games. These games were simple. These are hard to find these days. But I’m sure that I can take you back in the memories of these games. These games were simple but quite interesting to play.

1) Dangerous Dave

Dangerous dave was an amazing creation. It was a game about a boy who has to jump over obstacles and fire the monsters around him to reach the end. In the end the boy named dave celebrates his victory with a trophy. Dave flies in the game with a jetpack and carries a gun with him for the monsters.

2) Need For Speed 2 se

One of the marvellous creation of Need for speed from the early 90’s. In this game we had some super cars from the 90’s and some cool racing tracks. NFS 2 se had a great fan following of the young generation. This game also had some cheat codes to turn your cars into dinosaur, a cart or even a statue.

3) Super Mario

Super Mario was a game based on a character Mario. This game was really similiar to Dangerous dave but it had some good graphics and some more interesting levels. Super Mario had amazing sound effects and the character could also be transformed.

4) Midtown Madness

Midtown madness was a splendid game of racing. It was a competitor to need for speed. Midtown madness cam with some more levels and cool challange. It also had a great variety of cars that brought interest to the game. But somehow they couldn’t gain enough people in favour to their game.

5) Super sonic

Super sonic was an amazing game of a running hedgehog. The hedgehog was a main attraction of the game. In this the hedgehog used to run, collect coins and beat the monsters by jumping over them again and again.

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