Future of Online Technology after this COVID-19 Pandemic

Year 2020 Struck this whole world with different kinds of Attacks, From being at the urge of a new World War to this deadly Pandemic. So far this year has been the most tragic and deadly year. Thousand of people died because of this Pandemic and the World Economy is Going down rapidly.

During this Deadly Pandemic, Online Technology gained lots of attention for those who believed it was just a time killing thing, who thought you can never rely on technology. This Pandemic showed and entirely different scenario. Universities, Educational Institutes all around the globe started online Classes and invested in developing lots of new Web Applications in order for them to continue teaching online.

What most people still don’t know is that this pandemic gave boost to a lots of things including technology and gaming. The most common activity among the effected and quarantined people was spending time on Social medias or playing Games. This unusual time gave gamers and college students some free time to do what that like and also gave birth to enormous online earning projects.

This year YouTube and other platform creators got such a huge boost in their viewership due to this free time. More and more people started using these platforms and gave them a huge views boosts.

This shows how you can take advantage from any these things and learn something positive. Many people invested this time in learning different kinds of skill through websites like Udemy, Skillshare and many more.

Muhammad Ahmed

Written by Muhammad Ahmed

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