ProblemsPro is an Online Blogging Guide and Technology Reviews Platform. On this platform you can learn a lot of Stuff from Professionals. ProblemsPro was first founded in 2017 by Muhammad Ahmed (Owner of eTarbiyat). He Started this Platform as an Online Problems Solving Blog but later shifted it to an Entirely new Niche, i.e Blogging and Technology.

On ProblemsPro, you can find different kinds of Blogging Tips as well as Guides on so many stuff. You can Also Find more About Technology and News & Latest Technology. ProblemsPro’s was developed with keeping Simplicity in Mind.


ProblemsPro is Partner with on of the Pakistan’s Best Website Development and Learning Platform i.e eTarbiyat Provides us Web Development solutions as well as Funding for management. Every content Present on this Platform is Licensed under eTarbiyat Inc.


ProblemsPro is a company Operated by different Peoples. Here are some people who helped this platform be what it is today.

Muhammad Ahmed

Founder / Website Developer

Intermediate in Blogging and Expert in PHP, JAVA, HTML,CSS & Python.

Williams Girard

Article Writer / Niche Expert

Interested in Technology and Digital Marketing.