5 Amazing Netflix Series To Watch During This Pandemic

During this pandemic, people are trying their best to consume time . The are learning skills . Some are killing time by playing games and watching movies . People have ample amount of time so they keep amusing themselves . This amusement includes watchin movies and series . Mostly these series are from netflix . Here i am with 5 amazing Netflix series to watch . These series would help you to pass time easily and get you out of boredom.

1) Dirilis Ertugrul

Dirilis Ertugrul is an amazing series of Turkish history . Ertugrul is a recordbreaking series about the turkish tribes . This is based on how the tribes managed to bring control over the country . This series is full of turkish culture and rituals . This series would also make you learn about the turkish history which is a plus point.

2 ) F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friends is a series based upon a group of friends who live in a joint house . Some of them work for living . The others they use to live a free life . It is a comedy series which wll make you chuckle all day . The amazing sense of humor of the characters just brings the attractions to the series

3 ) Messiah

Messiah is a jaw dropping series . This is based upon a mystery . The mystery is about the return of Jesus . This series is based upon all the happenings if Jesus returns to the land . It shows the reaction of people who think he is a fraud claiming to be Jesus. This series also leaves us with a great mystery . I wont spoil your suspence much . Watch it now

4) Money Hiest

Money hiest is an action series . It is based upon heists . The main attraction in the series is not only hiests .The intelligence and jawdropping tactics used for the heist make it interesting . Money Hiest recently launched its season 3 which sums up alot of questions ans suspence of the viewers.

5) Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is an action series based upon some old tribe . They use power and business to become a vital family among the country . The build power among the country so that they could compete others . This series is full of fights and clashes . It is based on 4 seasons

Hassan Sajjad

Written by Hassan Sajjad

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