4 Platforms To Perform Meetings During this Pandemic

So due to the out break of COVID-19 pandemic . We cant meet people . We cant carry out business in person . We cant meet someone in person . People are restricted to their homes and are not allowed to leave . As corona virus spreads by the people . It is a famous quote , ” Viruses don’t move but humans do “.So to avoid thi virus people are staying at homes . But we need to carryout our meetings and stuff that are necessary . So these are some plattforms where we can perform our meetings online . This will keep the social distancing .And this will also complete are necessities .

1) Zoom

Zoom is an android/IOS app that is very popular for online meetings . It allows each user to share video and audio . Zoom has 100 million+ downloads . It allows screen sharing up to 100 people .

2 ) Skype Meetings

Skype Meetings is a new software by the Microsoft . Skype is an old software that allowed us to do video calls .But now they have come up with a new feature called Skype Meetings . This allows us to carry online meetings . This is quite similar to zoom .

3 )ez Talks

So ez talks is another android/IOS app . This allows to do meetings easily . But it has a poor rating due to bugs in the app. It also allows to add up to 100 participants at once.

4) Whatsapp (Room)

Whatsapp is a popular app for messaging and calls . Recently whatsapp introduced a new feature as rooms ,You can add upto 50 people . It is better encrypted . It is more user friendly than zoom .

Hassan Sajjad

Written by Hassan Sajjad

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